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Josh A.

AZ Mobile Urgent Care was such a blessing - I was in a car accident in the morning, and by the afternoon THAT DAY I had someone at my house to check out my sore knee and make sure my head was ok after a little whiplash from being rear-ended. The medical professional was super nice and thorough, and I never had to leave my home! 10/10 would recommend these guys - highly professional and so convenient!

Kelly B.

I'm grateful that AZ MOBILE DOCS exist! I got into an accident and was in so much pain and just exhausted from all the stress that I was in no condition to drive to an urgent care. I felt fortunate that they came to my house and checked me out here - in the comfort of my home. The doctor was very kind, and I felt safe and cared for. Call them if you got into an accident and need help asap. They're awesome! 

Francesca, D.

Az Mobile Docs was a lifesaver for me. I was rear-ended and my car was towed from the scene. I didn't need to go to the emergency room nor did I want to get back in a car. I called and was seen that evening! 


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